Lovers of the legendary MS-20 synthesizer will get a free samples pack, which you can use in musical projects. The MS-20 is a monophonic creation of Korg, used by bands like The Chemical Brothers, Portishead, William Orbit or Daft Punk, and many more. Such is the success of this synthesizer, Korg released a miniaturized reissue of the original MS-20 with a development team led by the original engineers to recreate all their circuitry.

The Collection contains 125 samples in total, capturing classical waveforms sawtooth, square, pulse, triangle, and MS-20 noise waveforms. All samples can be downloaded for free in AIFF format. Along with the basic package, ELPHNT also offers pretty nice presets for Ableton Live users, total price $20.

The Korg MS-20 waveforms are available for free download here.

Check bellow audio demo.

Source: elphnt

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