Polyakov is a softsynth based on the Soviet synthesizer “Polivoks”, made in the 80s. The VST version recreates the analog sound of this hardware that was famous for its great versatility in diverse musical genres.

It has only two oscillators and five basic waveforms with the contribution of white noise. It also has standard BP / LP “VCF” filters with an ASDR and LFO envelope for modulation, adjustable by modulation wheel. You also have a VCA section with two LFO modes, control level and a Gate switch. Tuning section with legato/glide switch, polyphonic mode (8 voices) or monophonic, mixer and LFO global section.

Watch video below.

If you are looking for a synthesizer with the classic analog tint, this version emulates truly the original, so its sound will adapt easily to your projects, if you are in a retro wave.

Polyakov is available for free in 32-bit VSTi plug-in for Windows.

Download: Just register at Music Society and full out a form to enjoy this great virtual instrument.


  • Windows 32-bit VSTi (made with Synthedit)
  • Mono/poly (8 voice)
  • 2 oscillators – tri/saw/square/pulse1/pulse2
  • X-mod (osc1)
  • White noise
  • LFO – tri/square/noise/random
  • BP/LP, 12 dB/oct resonant filter (0dff) with oversampling (mono: 2x, poly: 8x)
  • 2 x ADSR, switchable AD-repeat (mono/paraphonic)
  • LFO modulation adjustable by modwheel/cc1 (selectable)
  • Velocity sensitive filter cutoff (~20%) and volume (50%) [Hint: ‘power’ button] (selectable)
  • NO audio-in! ‘EXT’ control in the mixer actually adds a gentle saturation before the filter input

Note: all knobs work in ‘rotary’ mode – hold [Ctrl] for extra precision and/or drag radially before rotating for ultra-fine adjustments.

Source: Music Society




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