Roth-AIR is a unique dynamic processor that works very well on tracks with medium/high frequency ranges. It is perfect for adding presence to voices, synth sounds or string sections.

This VST plugin uses a nice combination of multiband compression with a delicate audio process by saturation and filtering of certain frequencies. As a result, it prints a sense of clarity into your mix, your sound will be brighter and all the elements will get more “air”.

Roth-AIR, is perfect when you face the mixing process and you have the feeling that everything sounds blur. With its five controls, Roth-AIR directly touches the essential things and goes straight to the point, you achieve a proper effect in a few seconds.

Check bellow a demo.

Its graphic panel is simple, with a predominance of a big knob ‘AIR’, control responsible for adding more “air” to your tracks, applying a balanced combination of dynamic compression and saturation.

‘Thresh’ will set the compression threshold. The ‘Freq’ parameter determines the crossover frequency where the ‘AIR’ parameter will begin to operate with a range from 1,000 to 8,000Hz. In addition, you will also have ‘Gain’ and ‘Mix’ controls.

Roth-AIR is available as a free download in 32 / 64bit AU and VST versions for PC and Mac.

Download here.

Source: danielrothmann

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