Ben/Schulz Spectrum Analyzer - Optikal Dubs

For all Mac & PC users, you can get completely free a Spectrum Analyzer, made by Ben/Schulz, multi-track VST spectrum analyzer that aims to facilitate your mixing work.

This tool is very usefull if you don’t have a studio room with acoustic conditioning or nice treatment on your home studio. We can see all frequencys to be more careful in mixing process or mastering. It provides real-time analysis views, and can be helpful in audio restoration and complex audio analysis.

This plugin has an unique feature, the ability to route multiple instrument channels to its analyzer input.This is helpful when you are checking the master bus to see how individual instruments affects the overall read-out. This freeware version has two avalaible input stereo channels.

You can get Spectrum in 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX plugin. formats for Windows or OS X.

Download it for free here.

Note: Licensing-System supports two modes: Floating & Locked. The default is Floating. While your license is floating, you transfer it between your machines as often as you like. But this requires internet access. If your Studio Workstation does not have internet access or do not want the plugin to connect to our server each time it’s loaded, you can Lock a License to your machine. A locked License cannot be transferred to another computer.

The free trial version runs for 14 days and has no restrictions. After that you need to ‘purchase’ the free base version. The base version supports up to two stereo pairs (four channels). More channels are available via an upgrade. In the all channel unlocket version a sigle plugin instance supports up to 16 channels (eight stereo pairs). However this number might be less if your DAW does not support this number of channels.


  • Hardware accelerated graphics
  • low CPU usage
  • Spectrogram & Spectrograph display modes
  • variable block size: 2k-16k
  • variable refresh rate: 40ms – 200ms
  • Spectral Smoothing: zero to eight seven
  • display spectrum as bins or lines
  • manual & auto-ranging
  • visualization of Left/Right or Mid/Side channels
  • flexible channel selection
  • Display Frequencies in Hz and as musical Note
  • Supported Plugin Formats
    • VST2
    • VST3
    • AU (Audio Unit)
    • AAX (Pro Tools)
  • Supported Operating Systems
    • macOS
    • Windows
  • Word-Width Support
    • 32 bit
    • 64 bit



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