cs80 - optikal dubs

Who was not obsessed with the sounds of Vangelis in the 80s? For many musicians, the Blade Runner soundtrack was a big reason for join on the synthesizers world, but the price for an original Yamaha CS-80 was too high.

If you always wanted a CS-80, you’re in luck because Krakli Plugs Arminator is a free VST plugin that emulates the Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer. The plugin shows all available controls in a single window; but is very capable of producing very convincing emulations of the power of the original CS-80; a fact that lovers of synthesizers thank infinitely.


To download it just join the Facebook group Krakli Plugs; wait for them to accept you (they do it fast) and then access the download link.

At the moment it is only available for 32-bit Windows.

Check demo below.

Enjoy it!

Source: krakli


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