Rekkerd‘s team released the Trashy Techno Drums Sample Pack, a collection of sounds from the legendary Roland TR-909 drum machine created through an ATARI 1040 ST and Microdeal Replay 4, all made by Plughugger.

You will get 115 audio samples in 16-bit WAV format ordered in eight categories. Plughugger sought to take advantage of the features of the Microdeal Replay cartridge to deliver an 8-bit style raw sound, but delivering top-notch material.

Listen demo below.

You will don’t find these drums sounds in most lo-fi sample libraries available on the Internet, Trashy Techno Drums is inspiring for your projects. Some of the sounds included in the collection have reverb and delay effects. You can use the package without restrictions.

If you were looking for lo-fi drum sounds for your music, this collection is perfect for you.

Download Trashy Techno Drums.

Trashy Techno Drums features

  • Roland TR-909 Atari ST Replay 4: 11 kick, 13 snare, 1 clap, 11 hihat, 6 ride, 6 crash, 13 low tom, 13 mid tom, 12 high tom, 1 rim.
  • Processed: 15 kick, 15 snare, 4 clap, 11 hihat, 7 ride, 11 crash, 42 percussion, 10 fx.
  • Total of 202 one-shot samples, 16-bit/44.1 kHz format.
  • 100% royalty free.

Source: rekkerd

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