Bigcat Instruments has launched Electric Pianos, a bundle of four completely free electric piano sample libraries designed for use with Native Instruments Kontakt.

“One of the weaknesses of bigcat Instruments has been Electric Pianos. After extensive negotiations with Greg Sullivan (I emailed to ask if I could use his samples and he kindly said Yes.) three new pianos join the family.”

Apparently, only two pianos are currently available for download on the product page linked below (The H Planet S Piano and The Street Bumper Piano), however two more download links will be added to the page soon. The instruments are based on free samples which have been recorded by Greg Sullivan and converted to Kontakt format by Bigcat Instruments, in cooperation with Greg Sullivan. Check the entire BPB review here:

Audio Demo

Check out The H Planet S Piano audio demo:


Bigcat Electric Pianos are available for free download via Bigcat Instruments (ZIP archive, NKI format for NI Kontakt).

Source: BPB