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ESQ-1 Cassette sample library will consist of two parts, featuring 22 patches in total. The first part of the library (available for free download on this page) contains the following eleven multi-sampled Ensoniq ESQ-1 patches:

EOWW – An aggressive lead sound.
AFTGLO – A dreamy bell sound.
AIR – Classic 80’s synth choir sound.
ANSYN1 – Synth string sound, nice with arpeggiator.
BASIC – A very basic synth sound.
BASS 1.0 – A nice fruity bass guitar sound.
BNDBEL – Like it suggests, a ‘bendy’ bell sound.
BO STR – Excellent orchestral string sound.
CELLOS – More strings – a little deeper – nice with arpeggiator.
ELEPNO – A warm and bright electric piano.
FUZGTR – a reedy sound – probably needs additional distortion to be really true to its name.
Audio Demo

Check out the ESQ-1 Cassette audio demo:


ESQ-1 Cassette Part 1

 (90.7 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 66 samples in 16-bit WAV format, 11 instrument patches in NKI/SFZ format)