Fog Horns Of Doom is a free sample library by Fairly Confusing Waveforms, featuring a collection of fog horn samples in WAV format and an optional commercial version of the library in NKI format.

Their latest sample library called Fog Horns Of Doom features the sound of those unusual looking spray cans with huge horns placed on top. They are often used for making noise at sporting events and concerts. Apparently, Fairly Confusing Waveforms noticed their hidden potential and turned them into sampled instruments for use with any WAV compatible sampler. Check the entire bedroomproducersblog review.

Audio Demo

Check out the Fog Horns Of Doom audio demo:


Fog Horns Of Doom is available for free download via Fairly Confusing Waveforms (5.9 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 35 audio samples in 16-bit WAV format).

Source: bedroomproducersblog