DnB music producer Dikara has released Free FX Pack, a free SFX sample collection designed for use in various styles of electronic dance music.

Just thought I’d share an FX sample pack I put together for free download which has 200 samples. A free collection of 200 samples, including sweeps, blips, stabs and reverse FX.”

The sound designer who created these sounds was previously known as Felon, that was his artist name under which he released music on several DnB labels. He has changed his artist alias since then, and will use the alias Dikara for all future projects.

The pack contains all sorts of FX stuff, from swooshes and risers to random blips and sweeps. It’s a nice collection to grab if you’re looking to expand your library of SFX sounds. More sound effects for this sound designer are expected for release in the future.

The included FX samples are royalty free, meaning that you can use them in any musical production or sound design projects you may need them for. All that’s required in return is to follow Mode One Recordings and Dikara on SoundCloud.

To get your free copy of the pack, you’ll need to add it to your shopping card on the page linked below and then proceed with the standard free checkout procedure. You’ll be prompted to submit your email address and other information, however verification is not required. A download link will appear in your browser window after submitting the required info.

Audio Demo

Check out the Free FX Pack audio demo:


Dikara Free FX Pack is available for free download via Mode One Recordings (359 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 200 audio samples in 16-bit WAV format).

Source: bedroomproducersblog