Tor-Helge Skei has introduced fx_cutter, a freeware loop mangling utility in 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows based host applications.

The effect started out as a Cockos Jesusonic plugin (the format natively supported in Cockos Reaper), however the developer Tor-Helge Skei decided to convert all of his JS creations to VST plugin format and fx_cutter was the first tool to get the VST treatment. This of course is very fortunate for us non-Reaper users, since we’re getting a really cool beat mangling effect for free.

The plugin is currently available for 32-bit Windows plugin hosts only, but it seems that a 64-bit version will also be published after the developer irons out certain stability issues (there’s more info about the potential 64-bit release on the product page linked below). I’ve tested the VST plugin version of fx_cutter in MuTools MuLab (32-bit) and it worked without any issues whatsoever.

Check the entire BPB review here.

Video Demo

Check out the fx_cutter demo video:


fx_cutter is available for free download via Tor-Helge Skei’s website(332 KB download size, DLL file, 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows, 64-bit version could be released soon).

Source: BPB