Producer and sound designer Francis Prève has released a free Ableton Live Instrument based on the Novation Bass Station II.


Here’s what he has to say about it:

“A few months back, I reviewed the Novation Bass Station II for Keyboard Magazine.

As modern analog synths go, the BSII packs a lot of analog power into a small footprint. So while I had it in my studio, I couldn’t resist snagging a few samples of it to share with everyone.

For those who aren’t up to speed on the Bass Station II, it’s a dual-oscillator analog monosynth with a sub-oscillator and tons of nifty filtering modes, along with a nasty little distortion. As the name implies, it excels at bass, so that’s the focus of this new pack.”

Here’s Preve’s descriptions of the Bass Station II instruments:

  • Acid – Super-resonant, making great use of the BSII’s “acid” filter mode
  • Big-n-Round – Tons of low end with muted filtering. Great for deep house.
  • Filthy – Massive ‘big room’ bass that highlights the BSII distortion. Works for leads too.
  • PWM – Pulse-width modulation with a touch of resonant fizziness.
  • Rush – Emulates the classic Moog Taurus sound with a long resonant filter sweep.
  • Subby Saw – Percussive filter enveloping on a sawtooth – with sub-osc mixed in for added boom.

Pricing and Availability

The Bass Station II “Six Pack” is free. To download, or for more information, visit Preve’s blog.

Source: synthtopia