Jimmy Fingers Music has released a collection of free electronic bass samples created with the Moog Sub Phatty analogue synthesizer keyboard.

“I just recorded a nice bass synth sounds library with my Moog Sub Phatty analog synthesizer. I made the sounds and recorded single notes and some riffs as well. It’s up to 400 wave files now. I’m currently giving a portion away for free.”

The library features the fat analogue sounds of the Sub Phatty synthesizer. The free version of the library features only one multi-sampled bass patch. It’s a classic saw bass sound, represented with 25 multi-samples across 2 octaves.

On the positive side, the sampled patch sounds nice and it features enough harmonic content to allow further tweaking in your sampler of choice. I’m still a sucker for classic synth basses such as this one, the classic electro saw sound which we hear in so many EDM bangers out there. The included samples still have quite a lot of top end, so you can play around with all sorts of filtering and additional effects to sculpt it further.

On the negative side, there are no sampler patches included. A simple SFZ patch or a NKI patch for NI Kontakt would make this sample set much easier to use out of the box. It’s not a huge library though, so it shouldn’t be too hard to map out a patch manually in your sampler.

If you like the sounds in the freebie pack, you can purchase the full library for $15 at the official download page linked below. To get the freebie pack, simply submit your name and email address at the download page and the link will appear inside your browser window. There’s no need to verify your email address before downloading.


The Sub Phatty sample pack is available for free download via Jimmy Fingers Music (1.79 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 25 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format).

Source: bedroomproducersblog