Wavesfactory has launched Freelodica, a high quality free melodica instrument library formatted for use with Native Instruments Kontakt.

The instrument was recorded with two different microphones (positioned close and far) which can be mixed together or played separately. Both microphones have additional stereo width controls. There are three round robin variations per note and the instrument also features two different tuning settings – the original tuning and the digitally tuned version of the samples.

Scott Kane has designed a nice looking GUI for the Kontakt instrument, featuring additional performance controls which include an attack / release volume envelope, breath control and key noise volume. The range of the original instrument can be extended by one octave and a half. Check the entire BPB review here.

Video Demo

Check out the Freelodica demo video:


Freelodica is available for free download via Wavesfactory (4.2 MB installer download size, EXE format compatible with Windows & Mac, the library itself occupies 120 MB of HDD space when extracted).

 Source: BPB