If you’ve ever ordered sushi from one of those rotating belts, you’ll love this musical hack that takes it to an entirely new place. For Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) Tokyo, Native Instruments engineers teamed up with Just Blaze and Tokimonsta to turn a sushi restaurant into a live electronic remix instrument.
And these aren’t tricks – slick as the music video at top my appear. They really did use a combination of cameras and software to make colored plates into a working interface for music.

RBMA produced a video that shows some of what’s going on behind the scenes, below. But we weren’t satisfied until we knew the specifics – after all, we’d love to see more unique musical interfaces around the world. So, CDM talked to developers Bram de Jong and Michael Hlatky of Native Instruments to find out more. And you might learn something you can apply – or get a bit hungry for fish, depending. Michael answers.
The answers get tasty, indeed: we learn everything from how the camera “sees” the plates using their original software to how Maschine acts as a controller for sushi-triggered Ableton Live.

Check the making of video and a complete interview with the creators at Create Digital Music


Source: Create Digital Music