The scanning and blending of wavetable oscillators can easily twist out complex bass textures

Native Instruments’ Massive synth has earned itself something of a stigma thanks to its formant-sweeping ‘yoi’ oscillators and general overuse in dubstep. However, its powerful wavetable oscillators can provide nasty, twisted harmonic bass sounds to suit all electronic genres, while its clever ‘performer’ modulation curves enable you to precisely draw in your own modulation shapes, fitting your parameter movements to your track’s tempo.

Here we’re only using Massive’s built-in distortion, EQ and effects to treat our final tone – with just a touch of mid/side filtering from an external plugin to keep the lows and mids centred in the mix. Although this proves how powerful the synth’s output can be in isolation, Massive has been used in countless mainstream tracks, so its raw sound is distinctive and highly recognisable. Experiment with external plugins (distortion, EQ, wideners and modulation effects, for example) to customise the sound further. Read the whole tutorial by MusicRadar here.

Source: MusicRadar