Glitchmachines have released HYSTERESIS, a cool freeware glitch delay effect in VST/AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac based digital audio workstations.

HYSTERESIS is a FREE glitch delay plugin geared toward creating robotic artifacts and abstract musical malfunctions. Hysteresis features a delay effect with stutter, lowpass filter and modulation effects thrown into the feedback signal path.

The plugin is capable of generating classic delay effects, but what makes it stand out for the crowd are its sound mangling features. HYSTERESIS includes a unique stutter module along with the usual filtering and modulation controls, making it a superb piece of free software for creating glitchy effects and abstract textures.

I also like the fact that the plugin is incredibly easy to use. All the parameters are clearly labeled on the front panel and the interface is simple enough to provide a neat user experience with great sounding results right away. The provided factory presets designed by Ivo Ivanov and Thomas Hennebert offer a good starting point, but you’ll be able to tweak the device to your own liking in no time.

I’ve tested the plugin in MuLab Free and it performed without any issues. The CPU hit is reasonably low and I didn’t run into any bugs during the 20 minutes long test session. And wow, this little delay unit does wonders on drum loops! The stutter effect placed in the feedback path works brilliantly for generating complex glitch sequences, turning a simple drum loop into a lovely digital percussive bonanza in no time. You definitely need to give this one a go if you enjoy using weird digital effects.

The checkout process for HYSTERESIS is very simple. Simply add it to your shopping cart on the product page linked below and proceed to your free download. There’s no need to create a user account or submit your email address.

Audio Demo

Check out the HYSTERESIS audio demo:


HYSTERESIS is available for free download via Glitchmachines (9.47 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & Mac).

Source: bedroomproducersblog