It is safe to say that AK1200 is an artist to be admired, not only for his skills, but also for exhibiting a true dedication to the drum & bass scene—each and every aspect of the scene. Since arriving as a DJ in the late ’80s, AK1200 (born Dave Minner) finds it imperative to keep the drum & bass fire strong by promoting his fellow artists on the street or through social media. He continues to assist upcoming and established artists on his successful label, Big Riddim Recordings. When he’s playing live at a club in an area lacking junglists, he works twice as hard to ensure that when that promoter throws another party, the crowd will be doubled. “This whole community is a very nurturing one,” he says. “We all look out for each other.”

Insomniac caught up with Dave after his appearance at the Big Dub festival in Artemas, Pennsylvania, to get an update on the current state of drum & bass, the misconceptions about the genre and its fans, and what it takes to stay in the game for so long.  Read the entire interview by Insomniac‘s Lori Denman-Underhill here.

Source: Insomniac