In this hilarious new viral video, kids under the age of 13 years old are presented with a walkman — except they have no idea what it is! During the video, they are asked to describe it, explain what it is, and even try and figure out how it works.

Click inside to watch this hilarious video in which a new generation of children have hilarious reactions to outdated walkmans and cassette tapes.

How is it possible that someone did not do this sooner?

In a new viral video by The Fine Bros., they present walkmans to a handful of different children of all ages. The kids, who were playing with a Mac laptop prior to receiving the walkman, were all completely baffled by the handheld electronic player.

“I don’t get what it is,” one girl exclaims.

When asked what they think it is, “walkie-talkie” and “boombox” are some of the answers the receive.

After they figure out how it works, they are handed cassette tapes, and then a very old pair of headphones! Because if you remember, back in the day we couldn’t listen to music on the go if we did not have headphones.

“You need headphones just to listen to music? Do you know how messed up that is?” exclaims one kid, who is exhausted at the idea of using a walkman.

This video is too funny! Tell us, HollyMoms — What do you think about this reaction video? Are you surprised kids don’t know or understand the walkman? Let us know your thoughts below!