Korg Gadget is considered to be one of the best “all-in-one” music production studios for Apple iOS, now, for the happiness of many OS X users, it will be compatible with the Apple Mac platform. You can start a project on iOS (iPhone, iPad), and then keep working on your Apple Mac, this will allow you to export and open projects between Mac OS X and iOS.

Korg Gadget will also work as a standalone music creation application. In addition, it incorporates Gadget Plug-In Collection, a set of virtual music machines, which can run as AU, VST, AAX and NKS in any DAW software. Korg Gadget will be compatible with Ableton Link, Bluetooth MIDI and Allihoopa.

With the launch of the Korg Gadget for Mac, the company hopes that “advanced users can look to the basics, while beginners jump directly into music creation in a big way.” With more than 30 Gadget devices, Korg will become a big contender for platforms like Propellerhead Reason. Korg remarks its power to be employed as “an ideal option as a second DAW software”. Its versatility as a tool for music creation will be enhanced by virtual versions of Korg M1, ARP Odyssey and Wavestation.

It is worth mentioning that the application will provide several options for export, including dump as a project for Ableton Live, composed of MIDI and audio data, so Gadget sequences will play smoothly from Live too.

Gadget for Mac will add audio recording as “Gadget Zurich”, as well 16 pads drum machine ‘Recife’. Both units will appear in V3 update of their app for Apple iOS.

Available for download from next February 28th, 2017 for launch price 199$.

KORG Gadget for Mac – Introduction Movie below.

Source: korg

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