Microkorg - Platinum - Optikal Dubs

Korg has been on the crest of the wave for years, delivering cult products since the late ’60s. Instruments such as the miniKorg, MS-20, Korg Mono / Poly are favorites of musicians and collectors, and their workstations 01W and M1 contributed to a long list of musical hits since the 90s.

The arrival of the new 21st century brought with it the presentation of the MS-2000 synthesizer, inspired by the MS-20 and operating through a digital signal processor (DSP). Its capacities for sound molding with numerous potentiometers gave it merit to be used in many recording studios, as well as being a favorite of many bands and an emblematic instrument of Ladytron band. Although its sound is digital, its personality captivated many producers and synth lovers. Its distortion, polyphony and capabilities for virtual patching, – in the style of modular synthesizers, so fashionable today – are making it a desirable piece, as it was an affordable synthesizer built robustly and with great sound quality.

ms2000 - Optikal Dubs

For the community, the reason for its discontinuation was not clear. However, Korg‘s team at that time was not completely indifferent to the impact of the MS-2000, two years after. With impressive sound, iconic design and superior build quality, the microKORG analog modeling synthesizer instantly became world favorite when it was released in 2002. Since then, microKORG has gained the trust of musicians around the world, and is now updated to ensure that it will remain one of the most sought after synthesizers for many years to come.

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To celebrate the 15th anniversary, Korg has released a new microKorg PT “Platinum” edition decorated with a platinum colour and black wooden sides and knobs. It was only last year that the microKorg was upgraded to the S version, which included an integrated 2+1 speaker system with a power that far exceeds its size, new presets and a cool new paint job.

The microKorg PT will be available in the summer for € 389,00 and a limited number of units will be sold. All specifications other than color are identical to the microKORG model original.

By Ed Vera

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