The man they call The Alchemist – a once-in-a-generation genius, whose 20-year old Timeless album was recently transformed into an orchestral score at London’s Southbank Centre – has just compiled the latest instalment in Ministry Of Sound’s illustrious Masterpiece series: the long-running showcase whose past contributors include the likes of Grooverider, David Rodigan, Giles Peterson, and Andrew Weatherall.
In THUMP’s recent interview with Goldie, he spoke of how his legacy has come to shape him going forward, and his enthusiasm was evident:
“I’m back in favour. All of a sudden, I’m an OG again. I’m Rakim again. Sure, it’s a new generation, and there’s new stuff out there, but what I’ve managed to do is outlast and re-invent. As far as Metalheadz is concerned, we’ve outlasted everything. A lot of electronic music seems to have lost its integrity – by its own admission. It’s part of the pop machine. My view may not be correct. People may think, “Well, he can’t say that”, but I can say whatever the fuck I want. That doesn’t mean that everyone understands Metalheadz music, but at least it’s honest with itself. Sometimes the honesty in music doesn’t sell.”
It’s this confidence that exudes in his Masterpiece. Consisting of 35 tracks spread over 3 discs, Goldie’s selection reveals some of his more unlikely influences, and includes some personal favourites alongside the tracks he was listening to during the making of the Saturn Trilogy (there’s some killer 90s drum & bass on there, obviously).
You can listen to Disc 1, exclusively, below.

Masterpiece: Goldie is due for release on the 18th August, via Ministry Of Sound.

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Written by: John Calvert

Source: thump.vice