PerforModule has announced the release of LRMS Splytter, a free Ableton Live rack which enables parallel processing of M/S and stereo version of the audio signal on the input.

Most M/S routing utilities out there simply split the incoming audio to mid and side channels. This new tool by PerforModule goes one step further, adding the option to fade between stereo and M/S processing without affecting the phase or gain of the processed audio signal. This way, it’s possible to take total control of the processed audio signal, using the advantages of M/S and stereo processing at the same time.

The download page linked below lists several interesting ideas for using this tool for achieving different types of effects. If you run into trouble trying to figure out which control on the interface does what, simply hover the control with the mouse pointer until the pop-up tooltip shows up on the screen.

Although it would be awesome to have LRMS Splytter available in VST plugin format, this tool is currently available for use in Ableton Live only (requires Live 9 or higher). If you’re looking for more free Abletongoodies, check out the freebies section of the PerforModule website. They’ve also released a free collection of BOSS GT-8 reverb impulse responses on BPB a while ago.


LRMS Splytter is available for free download via PerforModule (12.5 kB download size, ADG format for Ableton Live).

Source: bedroomproducersblog