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The drum and bass world scene is in mourning. The Manchester producer Marcus Kaye aka Marcus Intalex has died last weekend, the news was announced through the Facebook account of Soul:R label.

Various artists related to the Manchester scene expressed their condolences, surprised by their early goodbye. Marcus Intalex, who also developed his alterego Trevino, is considered a pioneer on the scene in Manchester, active since the early 90s, was the founder of Soul:R label, and co-founder of Revolve:R, emporiums dedicated to the most interesting drum and bass side, where genres such as soul, funk, jazz and disco were fused with voices, potent beats and subsonic basses. Kaye was the founder, resident DJ, and promoter of the Soul:ution series of drum and bass parties in Manchester.

Marcus Intalex was definitely one of the great musicians of Manchester thanks to his musical vision and his eagerness for technology, innovating and pushing the limits of creativity, making true timeless works that still captivate dancers and music lovers today.

R.I.P. Marcus Intalex.

Listen “Temperance” from the master Marcus Intalex below.


By Ed Vera

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