Medusa Synth

Medusa is the new monophonic synthesizer created by Dreadbox. This instrument is offered as an “all-in-one” piece with several connection points for Eurorack equipment, a built-in sequencer and arpeggiator with six different modes.

Medusa has three oscillators; two of the oscillators offer saw, pulse or triangle waveforms, while the third has an “advanced” mode that can do seven different waveforms. The sequencer has 64 steps and memory for seven sequences, it is also capable of recording filter cuts, modulation and speed.

Medusa will be priced at $ 500, and will be released in December, competing with synths such as Roland SE-02 and Behringer D.


  • All Analog Circuit developed by Dreadbox
  • Midi to CV, Sequencer and Arpeggiator developed by Polyend
  • 64 step Sequencer that can store the Filter’s Cut off, Modulation Wheel and Velocity values, with a memory of 7 sequences
  • Arpeggiator with Up, Up-Down, 2 Octave Up, 2 Octave Down, 2 Octave Up-Down or Played Order
  • 3 Classic Dreadbox VCOs:
    2x osc with saw, pulse or triangle wave
    1x osc with advanced wave forming (7 different waveforms)
  • A brand new 12dB/oct Filter design with variable thickness (active for frequencies 110Hz and below)
  • A dedicated Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain Envelope Generator to the Filter and the Amp
  • A Simple and Easy to use Modulation section
  • You can Polychain multiple units and achieve Polyphony
  • 8 patch points for eurorack experience

Source: Dreadbox

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