Capturing your creativity when it comes should be as easy as pushing one button—nothing should come between you and your music.

Mikme helps you focus on being creative, writing songs and recording audio in a simple and fast way, no matter where you are. It’s designed to capture singing, strumming, drumming and speaking in studio-grade quality at the push of a button. Use it in the park, at home, in the studio, or on a road trip.

We believe that you’ll love Mikme almost as much as you love your music.

The Mikme idea: You, a microphone and an app. The Mikme Wireless Recording Microphone allows you to instantly record and store studio-grade audio. It links wirelessly with the free Mikme App, which allows you to capture up to 8 tracks per song. Within the app, you can record, mix, edit and share instantly.

Every song starts with a basic idea—it could be a melody, some chords or a few words. They are the result of a special emotion or experience that can leave as fast as it hit you. It’s important that you capture these moments when they strike. That means capturing every piece of that moment: the idea, the emotion, how it sounded, where it took place and how it looked.

This is the Mikme experience.

Start your recording with a single tap at the top of the Mikme Microphone. Capture up to 180 hours in studio-grade quality with the internal audio recorder and save all your music on Mikme’s internal 8 GB memory.

It’s important to always be ready to capture. That’s why the Mikme Wireless Microphone has no cables and no setup. It works standalone and has a built-in, rechargeable battery that gives you the freedom to record up to 7 hours of audio no matter where you are.

Turn it on. Set it on the table. Tap the capture button and start playing. It’s as easy as that.

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