It looks like mobile music making – especially with iOS devices – is here to stay.

Sales of iOS devices, which have been increasing steadily for seven years straight, caught up with sales of Windows computers in June:


Based on this trend, iOS has overtaken Windows, in terms of devices sold, revenue generated and profits earned.

This is likely to have significant long-term impact on where Apple and other computer companies focus their resources, and also on the platforms that developers will devote their attention to.

Android audio programmingIt’s worth noting that Android passed Windows in unit sales several years before iOS. Because of the fragmented Android platform and market, though, it has not become nearly as profitable for Google, for companies building Android devices or for developers.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is estimated to be capturing over 90% of the profits in the mobile device industry.

Some side effects of this trend are:

  • Mobile device price vs performance is improving much faster than desktop price vs performance. For example, the iPhone 6 offers 10 times the performanceof the iPhone 3Gs.The same sort of improvements can be seen in the best Android devices.
  • It’s becoming more and more common for apps to be released for iOS first, Android second and then possibly for Mac & Windows. It’s likely that this trend will only accelerate in the next few years.
  • The number of musicians using mobile devices as their primary DAW is likely to continue to grow. In the last five years, many musicians have gone from considering mobile devices toys, to using them as significant tools for things like patch creation, synthesis, MIDI control and more. Musicians are now beginning to use mobile devices as a  ‘mobile DAW’, for things like beat-making and capturing ideas. While the number of musicians using mobile devices as their primary DAW is small now, expect it to grow as mobile performance improves rapidly.

What do you think the rise of mobile devices – and especially iOS devices – means for musicians? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Source: Bendedict Evans