Alien Day - Mondo - Soundtrack - Optikal Dubs

Today, for all big fans of Alien franchise, we are celebrating Alien Day. The saga that began in 1979 has an unquestionable reach in the science fiction world, for that reason, we are happy to pay tribute to this nasty creature and to all its universe, this date 26th April.

Why do we celebrate Alien Day today? Do you remember the planetoid where Nostromo guys find eggs of the xenomorphs? Well, that planet is called LV-426 the place where everything begins, and that is why the date coincides perfectly with the genesis of this whole horror films world.

Alien LV426

Mondo label pays tribute to this special day. The original soundtrack composed by Jerry Goldsmith will be released in a 4xLP vinyl color 180g Special Edition. The sleeves of each record, were created by Tyler Stout, with different illustrations, ranging from egg to its final Xenomorph form.

Also be released a 2xLP on vinyl 180g black or color, with Kilian Eng illustrations.

Price: $75

It is worth mentioning, that according to information from The Vinyl Factory magazine, last year Mondo celebrated Alien Day with a vinyl release filled with liquid, limited to only 75 copies.

Today fans will celebrate with global live stream event in Fox Studios L.A.

Today you can make Pre-Orders on

Check photos below.

Alien Day - Mondo - Soundtrack - Optikal Dubs

By Ed Vera

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