The world of MIDI controllers is a wild place. There’s a controller soccer ball, some sort of wind instrument controller, a space oboe… While there are clearly plenty of MIDI controllers to choose from, if you’re bored of the standard pads and knobs, a company called Artiphon just launched a Kickstarter (a world where you can get funding for your potato salad) for a “multi-instrument” MIDI controller and raised almost $200,000 in less than half a day.

Combining a keyboard with a stringless fretboard, the Artiphon Instrument 1 can be strummed like a guitar, picked like a bass, played with a bow like a violin or cello, blown like a flute, or, more typically, banged on like a keyboard or drum machine. The controller is made up of a fret board with a small head on top, and a body, housing a bridge, speaker, volume knob, and various instrument presets.

Artiphon, which first debuted the Instrument 1 at CES two years ago, launched the Kickstarter earlier today, hoping to raise $75,000, and wildly exceeded that goal, currently sitting at $189,151 with just 514 backers.

The Instrument 1 is available in white and black for $349, or you can score a special Nashville Edition with a white top on a beautiful hardwood back and premium accessories for $899.

Check out an early prototype below. Looks like the future.

Source: Beaport