How can a hardware company improve on their industry standard production suite? The traditional way is to add more synthesizers and higher quality sounds — and Native Instruments has definitely done exactly that with their release of Komplete 10. Yet, they’ve even gone a step further here by introducing a fully integrated MIDI keyboard.

As production software suites become more robust, producers are spending less time searching for the right sound and configuring their MIDI hardware to interface with it — not producing music. Automap technologies are great but aren’t perfect. The Komplete Kontrol S-Series resolves that challenge for users of Komplete. Using Native Map technology, all the essential controls have been mapped to the keyboard including a browser, intelligent pots, and their new Light Guide system that uses lights placed above the keyboard graphically represent what the keys are doing. Check the entire review writen Beatport’s by Charles Cushman here.

Source: Beatport