At Mittens Studios has released Natural Package, a minimalist free collection of acoustic drum samples available in four different sampling rates.

“This is my gift for everyone who arrives here. The package consist of 21 non-processed Acoustic Drum hits sampled at 192 kHz with high quality microphones, preamplifiers and AD converters.”

It’s a rather small drum sample collection with only 21 samples inside, but I don’t mind that really because the included samples sound nice and they can work great for layering on top of other drum kits. I like collecting compact drum kits such as this one, as their easier to browse than huge libraries and it’s much easier to see if any of the included samples will work for your track.

So, the pack comes with 21 samples capturing the sound of an acoustic drum kit. I really liked the included snares and the crash cymbal also sounds very nice. Overall, it’s a neat little kit to grab for free and you can always delete the samples you don’t need. The download is offered in four different version, with sampling rates ranging up to 192 kHz.

By the way, the team at RW5 samples has recently released a fantastic free snare collection which would also work great for layering. You’ll find many more free drum samples in our acoustic drum sample directory.

To grab the freebie drum kit, you’ll need to submit a working email address at the product page linked below. A confirmation link will be delivered to you via email and you will receive the download link after confirming your email address.

Audio Demo

Check out the Natural Package audio demo:


Natural Package is available for free download via At Mittens Studios (3.93 MB download size for the 44.1 kHz version, ZIP archive, contains 21 drum samples in 24-bit WAV format).

Source: bedroomproducersblog