PolyM, is a recreation of Moog’s polysynth Polymoog, produced between 1975-1980.

Polymoog offers two TOD (Top Octave Divider) oscillators – one for sawtooth wave and one for square. The two TODs can also be modulated – tempo synchronized – in pitch by an LFO, while the square wave oscillator has its own pulse width modulation for a synchronized LFO time.

PolyM includes 71 emulated chips, mixer, VCA, envelope, 12dB filter and pulse width modulation for each of the available notes; 24dB (using the XILS-lab zero-delay algorithm); also nine dedicated acoustic filters – STRING, PIANO, ORG, HARPS, FUNK, CLAV, VIBES, BRASS and VOX – carefully recreated from the original (model 203a); RESONATORS filter bank with three parametric filters (6dB and 12dB) that match the original; effects with adjustable settings and nine modulation slots to extend the possibilities of sound design far beyond the reach of the original hardware.

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The PolyM of XILS-lab is available to buy as a USB protected plug-in eLicenser or iLok (1 or 2 dongle hardware or software) for a promotional price of € 99.00 until August 31, 2017. Regular price € 149, 00 EUR.

Available in 32- and 64-bit formats: Mac and PC VST, AU, AAX, RTAS, AAX.

Source: xils-lab

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