With the Winter NAMM trade show set to take place from January 22nd, we take a look at the most exciting products due to be unveiled. This article will be updated over the course of the coming weeks as we receive more information on new releases.

Roland JD-Xi NAMM 2015


Following the surprise introduction of the AIRA range last year, we’re cautiously optimistic about Roland’s new NAMM offerings for 2015. The one confirmed new product so far is the JD-Xi, a new synth revealed in the photo above, posted on Facebook by Japanese artist Daisuke Asakura.

The JD in the synth’s name is a nod to the JD-800, a digital synth produced by Roland in the early 90s which was notable for its knob-laden front panel. Details of the synth are unclear at the time of writing, but an anonymous WordPress site has published what it claims to be details of the specification:

At Winter NAMM Show 2015 Roland will show a new synthesizer. First info:

• analog synthesis with TRI, SQUARE & SAW waveforms + SUBoscillator PULSE/SQUARE
• digital analog modeling synthesis from Roland SYSTEM-1
• analog LPF
• digital filters from SYSTEM-1
• vocoder with MIC input
• TB-303 style sequencer
• LFO with TRI, SQUARE, SAW & SH waveforms
• 37 Keys keyboard (mini-keys, keyboard has Velocity)
• 2-part digital synthesis, 1-part analog synthesis, 1-part Vocoder


Former software specialists and now – thanks to the MiniBrute, MicroBrute and Beatstep – major players in the hardware world, Arturia will be introducing a “high-end” audio interface at NAMM.

In a video clip from their keynote speech at the company’s 15th anniversary celebration late last year, Arturia CEO Frederic Brun and Product Manager Glen Darcey make a series of bold claims about the performance of the product, hinting at class-leading low latency, ultra-flexible connectivity and smoother workflow than rival devices.

Check out the video below.


The long-awaited Korg reissue of the classic ARP Odyssey is set to be unveiled at NAMM. Korg have teased a couple of shots of the synth, which looks like it’ll be a very faithful replica of the black and orange mkIII Odyssey. There’s also a new ARP webpage at arpsynth.com



Casio might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of pro audio gear, but they’ve made some interesting kit over the years, from the CZ synths to the cheap-and-cheerful RZ-1 drum machine with its primitive sampling features. They’ll be unveiling their latest offerings at NAMM. The Trackformer XW-PD1 is a groovebox based on the sound engine of the XW synth series, while the XW-DJ1 DJ Controller is an unusual DJ device with a 7-inch platter to replicate the feel of vinyl, cue points, tempo syncing, effects and looping. The XW-DJ1 is compatible with Algoriddim’s djay2 app, and will also work in tandem with the XW-PD1 for live remixing.

The XW-DJ1 DJ Controller will be priced at $299 and available in January. The XW-PD1 Groove Center will be available from March, priced at $399.

casio xw-pd1 trackformer


Source: Attack Mgz