Reason 10 comes with the most update since its creation, with two new synthesizers, three organic instruments, an acoustic piano, a creative modulation device and 3 GB of loops and samples.

Europa is a dynamically synthesizer based in wave table that promises ease of use and allows us to apply modulation to the waveform itself as well as spectral filtering and harmonic processing. You can also create your own waveform. (pic above)

Grain incorporates pure granular synthesis for the first time in a native Reason synth. Just drop a sample in Grain, and we can start to select algorithms, modulation, routing and effects to create sounds.

The “organic instruments”, they are an original and exotic touch to give more variety to your library of sounds.

Klang Tuned Percussion includes 10 sampled melodic percussion instruments.

Pangea World Instruments offer 11 world-class instruments.

Humana Vocal Ensemble is a collection of choirs and solo voices “perfect to add a human touch”.

Another novelty is Radical Piano, which promises flexibility and authenticity. It is something that was missing in the native Reason package; before it was only available as a Rack Extension, as a Synchronous Effect Modulator, which also now joins the list of native modules and allows us to mount sidechain effects, as well create our own LFO curves to control filter, delay, reverb, distortion or level.

Also Reason 10 adds 3 GB of samples, both Reason Drum Supply and Reason Loop Supply. They are ReFills with new samples and loops, “from vintage beat boxes to futuristic sounds”.

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Source: propellerheads

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