TR-808 fever continues; now MVStudio team presents another emulation of Roland’s drum machine, but with a new approach to iOS.

The MV08, promises the sound of the vintage drum machine, but with a graphic panel adapted to Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

MV08 adds panorama and tone parameters to each voice of this emulation, also offers two editable send effects for each voice, along with a three-band master equalizer and a novel distortion effect. The app comes with more than 200 samples recorded at 16bit / 44.4kHz with 128 user patterns, spread over eight 16-pattern banks.

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All controls of each instrument can be sequenced at each step, for many possibilities to rythm creation, you can also achieve powerful bass lines. The length of each pattern is variable between one and 64 steps, while its resolution is 16 or 32 steps, to create complex times and loops. According to developer James Milton Apps, are features that were never possible in a Roland TR-808 original.

MV08 is compatible with Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and Ableton Link standards, so there are no compatibility issues for what you use in your studio.

Price: $ 4.49 / $ 3.99.

Available Apple App Store 

Source: mvstudio

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