Deckard's Dream - Blade Runner

We were all captivated by the soundtrack of the film Blade Runner (1982), Vangelis creation that raised to a cult work inspired by Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

That dystopian sound came from the Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer of 1976, a legendary instrument due to of its sound, timbre molding versatility and its personality; mostly used by important music stars. Only 200 units were manufactured.

Now, a unofficial clone of the iconic synthesizer has been made: the Deckard’s Dream. The synth can be pre-ordered for $ 3,749. The piece has received good reviews for its look and amazing sound, justifying its high price, even if it’s considerably lower than the original CS-80 that reaches $ 15,000.

Deckard’s Dream is available for pre-order here.

Check promo below.

Listen demo below.


  • 16 VCOs – 8-voice polyphony with two independent synthesizer layers per voice, discrete waveshapers help to reproduce the oddness of the original waveforms. Autotune keeps all 16 VCOs tracking perfectly, with detune settings for a vintage feel.
  • Polyphonic aftertouch and MPE – MIDI polyphonic aftertouch gives deckard’s dream expression that has only been possible on a very small number of synthesizers. MPE technology (using controllers by ROLI, LinnStrument, Haken) takes this even further with the addition of poly pitch bend.
  • DIY Version Available – DIY kits with all digital SMT parts preinstalled. A very detailed building manual, large thru-hole components and a simple calibration procedure will allow even beginners to build this kit.
  • MIDI, USB, VST/AU editor – With the addition of MIDI implementation, 256 presets and a software editor provided by Spektro Audio, this vintage inspired poly synth is at home in any modern studio.
  • Analogue effects and CV inputs – 1U rackmount expander is coming later this summer: 16 assignable CV inputs, analogue ring-modulator and chorus, missing Sustain I/II controls. may be used as a standalone effects box and a cv-2-midi convertor.

Source: deckardsdream

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