thrill - optikal dubs

Native Instruments has introduced its new tool to create scores for movies and video games.

Thrill is the first instrument able to combine orchestral sounds and sound design with a friendly interface with which you can build cinematographic atmospheres in real time.

According to the company, Thrill will offer tone clusters, being the most powerful that can be found in an instrument. The instrument has a 30GB sound library with 963 source sounds, including orchestral sounds, synth drones and other custom instruments. They can be manipulated using an XY control that modulates effects, mixing the layers to increase the composition’s intensity. It can be controlled with a trackpad, a tablet or even a smartphone.

NI says in a press release:

“Using Thrill, a single person could perform the terrifying string tone clusters from The Shining, the Jack Torrance rampages around Overlook Hotel. An aspiring young filmmaker could single-handedly play all of the arrival-stomach-churning drones in just one take.”

Also, Thrill is for anyone who makes sound installations and theatrical productions.

It’s available now for $ 299 / € 299 / £ 239, and requires NI’s Kontakt 5 or free Kontakt 5 Player to run.

Check promo  below.

Source: NI


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