Global Spirit - Optikal Dubs

Global Spirit, is a dj mix set created by Reptilian Commander, an special piece of the vast variety of sounds around “Global Bass Music”. This artist takes a hype when it comes to properly select 30 tunes that embraces original productions, hits and dublates by artist like Tropikore, Deggea Deggea, Major Lazer, Omulu and Dj Comrade, Moombah Bandits, El $abor and many more!

Reptilian Commander is an American musician, dj and producer based for several years in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His “InBASSión Tropigaláctica Ep” released back in 2013 in Le Ronca Records Label marks his debut as producer. He’s also plays keyboard in the “Electronica Bailable” band El Pimenton.

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  1. Wuji – Relo & Tropikore (Original Mix)
  2. Reboot -Reptilian Commander (Original Mix)
  3. Bagulho Doido – Omulu & DJ Comrade
  4. Deggea Deggea – Zee Reach & Banginclude
  5. Perchaca – Tropikore (Original Mix)
  6. Glitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe – Ash Taylor
  7. We Make It Bounce – Rathero Remix
  8. Recuerda – Wost
  9. Cumbia Dentrada – Javier Estrada & Den5ion
  10. Mvse – Wrecks (El $abor Remix)
  11. Bubble & Wine – Selecta Doc
  12. Moombah Bandit – Ginger Shinobi
  13. Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk charlie Darker Remix
  14. 14.W&W & Blasterjaxx – Rocket (VERAK Moombahton Remix)
  15. Joelito – Sickhead
  16. Manuel Palafox – Los Acordeones (ClapFreckles + AlanRosales REMIX)
  17. Reptilian Commander – Espíritu de Espanto (3ball)
  18. DjGiovanni Ríos – SoiiiR
  19. DjGiovanni Rios – In Your Hands
  20. AfriCa BoMBa BeaTz MiXxxxx By Dj PiLaSoM (Real Family)
  21. Jamaicano – ProEfx
  22. Major Lazer – Wind Up (Donkong Remix)
  23. DiHell! – TraiteTopaca(Original Mix)
  24. Cristian Amby,Subtronikz Feat Jts & Trap – Bass Slut(DZC Deejays Electric Kuduro Mashup 2013)
  25. Tomsize – All That Ass
  26. Jungle Pan . Tomsize & Dakat
  27. 8Er$-R$PCT ft. DDark
  28. Candyland – All You Gotta Do (Them Lost Boys Remix)
  29. Cabo Blanco – Santo Diablo
  30. Adventure Club – Retro City (LOUDPVCK Remix)

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