Rega has presented an update on his turntable RP6. Now features a new design, the Planar 6 / Neo PSU shares only the RB330 arm and hinged plastic cover of its predecessor.

Most striking is its external “Neo” power source, previously seen in the more expensive RP10 model, designed to provide constant power to the turntable. This means that it will rotate at the exact and precise speed you want, regardless of fluctuations in the mains current that are unavoidable from any outlet, providing smooth and consistent sound.

The turntable comes in matte gray also includes a precision hand made RB330 stainless steel arm. The Planar 6 and Neo PSU will be sold for £ 998, while the Planar 6 & Neo PSU with with cartridge are sold at retail at £ 1398.

Source: thevinylfactory

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