PMX-306 Glockenspiel is a free Ableton Live instrument, part of the PMX-300 instrument series featuring the sounds of the Casio PX-300 Privia Digital Piano.

PMX-300 is an 18-part series of instruments for Ableton Live, created by PerforModule and available for purchase via Isotonik Studios. New instrument packs are added on a monthly basis. The glockenspiel instrument (featured on this page) which is hosted on Bedroom Producers Blog is a free taster of the PMX-306 Mallets instrument set. Check the entire BPB review here.

Audio Demo

Check out the PMX-306 Glockenspiel audio demo:


PMX-306 Glockenspiel (72 MB download size, ALP format for Ableton Live 9)

Source: BPB