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Now, for all Pro Tools HD users, we can enjoy the latest 12.8 update, which includes integration of two new track types for audio and groups, support for 7.0.2 and 7.1.2 multichannel formats, including a global panning system designed for Dolby Atmos mixing environment. It also supports ADM (Audio Definition Model) BWAV.

The new panning system involves changes to routing system to get buses in Dolby Atmos configurations and input and output structures. You can reach up to 128 tracks in HD system.

New features also include integration between Pro Tools and Dolby Renderer, ability to import Dolby panning information into the Pro Tools panning, Dolby Atmos metadata recording and integration with Avid control surfaces.

Check video below.


Pro Tools 12.8HD Feature Summary

  • Native Dolby Atmos™ Support – Pro Tools HD Only
  • 7.1.2 and 7.0.2 Track, Plug-in,  and Bus Support
  • 3D Panner with Height Controls for adjusting signal height manually as well as automatically with shaped pan guides. A New “Theater” view for the pan window provides a dimensional, rotating theatre perspective panner.
  • Atmos Renderer Communication and Object panning – connect up to 128 inputs with a total of 118 Objects from Pro Tools directly to a Dolby RMU or to the Dolby Atmos Renderer software
    • New “Atmos” tab in Setup > Peripherals to manage Renderer connections
    • Object mapping for busses via I/O Setup – any mono path or stereo pair of mono subpaths can be mapped to Objects found declared on the renderer
  • Automated Bussing between a track’s Object output and Main output
  • Object Fold-down Bus
    • Prepare, repurpose, edit, and rough-mix using all of the Object based workflows in Pro Tools but without needing to be actively connected to a renderer – Object routes are automatically folded down to an output of your choice for monitoring until a render is connected
  • Enhanced Re-recording Workflows
    • Link and unlink punching of audio and pan automation on recorder systems receiving mastered object audio and metadata
    • Input monitoring controls on the recorder toggle between sending source metadata or re-recorded metadata to the renderer to achieve true PEC/DIR film mixing workflows with object audio and metadata
  • Import ADM BWAV files generated from Dolby Atmos Printmaster files using Import Session Data to repurpose archived printmaster content. A complete session including object assignments, track names, and pan metadata can be generated from a single supported WAV file.
  • Automatically duplicate automation from the Dolby Atmos Panner Plug-in to Track automation in Pro Tools. Also send track automation from Pro Tools back to the Dolby panner plug-in with simple Edit Menu > Automation commands.

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