Reason has been in many homes and studios for more than 20 years, thanks to its unique user interface and powerful tools for creating music projects, an all-in-one alternative that separated itself from DAW’s logic as Cubase, Sonar or Protools.

Subsequently, Propellerhead finally added the recording option, in the first instance through a separate virtual device, which was then integrated into Reason.

Propellerhead co-founder Ernst Nathorst-Böös spoke in an interview published in about the scope of his famous Reason, and the eagerness of the company team to contribute and help many artists to do music.

In this regard, Nathorst-Böös revels that the company aims to create an app for iOS, a version that will see light in the near future. In relation to making a incursion into the Android platform, only confirmed that they are hiring programming experts to evaluate the possibilities. The realization of this version for mobile platforms will different in some aspects to desktop Reason, so Propellerhead does not seek to do exactly the same.

In January, Propellerhead released the Reason version 9.2, with new features like the Hyperwave, Proton, and a new version 2.5 of the SDK, for creating effects and instruments within the platform.

You can read whole interview here. (Swedish)


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