Ras Neftali - Steppaz Sound Killah LP - Optikal Dubs

Steppaz Sound Killah“, is our launch ODD011, a conglomerate created by Ras Neftali, ambassador of bass culture in Venezuela. The LP had the collaboration of Venezuelan producer ZoundColector, and great musicians from Venezuelan dub scene like Onechot, Adelking Farmer, Alexander “Motoraton” and the singer Nayra Gutiérrez.

The work is totally influenced by the sound of dub music, stepper, rocker beat, dancehall, even dubstep and dub-techno, a look at the “bass culture” of Jamaican and British sound systems. The lyrical content of Ras Neftali ranges from personal and spiritual experiences to social issues such as injustice and racial claims.



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