Reason 9.5 - VST

After many years decided to be a waterproof platform to VST forma, the Swedish company Propellerhead finally took the step that all users were waiting without any hope. Reason 9.5 will be compatible with plugins in VST format, a decision that will open a world of new possibilities and versatility that will definitely raise the level of the famous DAW.

You can see the promo below in detail.

To use VSTs you only have to drag your plugins to the rack. This novelty also reaches the use of Combinators and CV connections, something that will come excellent to get the best of Reason benefits.

Reason returns to the game to compete more directly with other DAWs like FL Studio or Ableton Live with all the virtual cable connection style that captivated so many who started in music with this software. New users will not be indifferent…

Reason 9.5 is now in beta and will arrive on May 29.

Source: propellerhead

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