Acustica Audio has announced the release of Red EQ, a freeware 3-band coloring equalizer VST plugin for Windows based on Acqua technology.

“The Red Eq equalizer provides three fixed bands at 80Hz, 1.8kHz and 8kHz, and though the EQ may look limited compared to a parametric, it actually sounds nicely musical and the frequencies have been chosen with care.”

The equalizer features three fixed bands with up to 6 dB boost/cut per band. The low and high bands act as shelving EQs, while the mid band has a standard bell response. The interface also features input and output gain controls, along with a power button which can bypass the EQ section.

The input meter located on the right side of the interface is useful for preventing unwanted distortion of the audio signal on the input. If the red warning lamp lights up, you should reduce the input gain in order to prevent clipping of the signal.

If you like the Acqua technology approach to equalizers, you should definitely also take a look at ARQ High EQ by CDSoundMaster. If works great for enhancing the higher frequency ranges of audio signals, adding just the right amount of sparkle and air on top. For a nice selection to more traditional EQ plugins, take a look at our list of freeware parametric equalizers. The one which I currently use the most is SonEQby Sonimus. Another brilliant pick is obviously SlickEQ by VOS and TDR.

To grab your free copy of Red EQ, add it to your shopping cart on the product page linked below and proceed to free checkout. You’ll need to create a free Acustica Audio user account, after which the download link will appear in your browser Window. You could either choose the VST plugin version or the library pack for Nebula Free.


Red EQ is available for free download via Acustica Audio (53.8 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

Source: BPB