MV – Never Alone EP

MV - Never Alone EP


ODD17  Mv  – Never Alone EP

Cutting across boundaries, across continents, cultures and borders, Optikal Dubs hails between Caracas (Venezuela) and Prague (Czech Republic). The label reects the philosophy of its founder and artists, representing a huge range of styles, serving up jungle, drum & bass andbreakbeat to future funk, dub and global bass. And MV, the man responsible for ODD17, alongside Zardonic, certainly ts into this bracket.

Ostensibly a bass music producer, MV’s passions also lie in d&b, bassline, dubstep and garage. He emphasizes groove and rhythm in everything he does. He’s risen up from early days in progressive metal to explore new areas of sound, with his rst EP Rise Up and the new release, Never Alone, which features and amazing remix from the legendary Zardonic.

The original lick is a powerful statement, drawing you into a descending scale of future funk. Shades of neurofunk ash across your ears, as MV motors through the gears, exhibiting what he’s all about. Stealthy synths form a backdrop to the frenetic beats and sharp bass runs, with lots of hidden depth out there to surprise and delight.

Up next is Cool Fame, which builds up from a ice-cold electronic opening into a slicing, cutting piece of minimalism. Aggressive and in-your-face, once you move into the frame you won’t be able to escape. Bringing back the introductory melody is a neat touch, as MV reunites the various elements of the tune. Headnodding and skanking, Cool Fame is something very different and will mark brand new territory for Optikal Dubs.

Lastly the man Zardonic slides into view to deliver his remix of Never Alone. Bringing all of his intensity and relentlessness, the Venezuelan overlord morphs the track into a pulsing, blasting electro stomp. Crashing electronics
and amped-up beats bring this one directly to the danceoor. Later, he smashes the place up with a reinforced breakbeat section, before driving things home with overdriven guitars and sirens.

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“ Loving the title track”

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“Nice Release ))) fucking mental…..”

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