Two icons of the 1980s come together in a new Google Chrome app.

The Chrome Cube Lab pairs Google technology with a virtual Rubik’s Cube, allowing developer’s to make their own 3D cube apps — and their latest is the best one yet.

The 808 Cube does exactly what it says on the tin, mapping Roland TR-808 sounds to the surfaces of the Rubik’s cube (and opening it to the Rubik’s 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 combinations).

“This experiment is a mash up of cultural icons popular in the 1980s, a spin on drum machine step sequencing, and a repurposing of the Rubik’s cube for rhythm exploration,” according to the site. Users can use the 808 Cube like a sequencer, “solving” the cube to introduce randomization into the sequence.

Check it out at 808 Cube and prepare to waste the rest of your day.

808 Cube developer Ray McClure says: “There are a couple Easter eggs in the 808 Cube that I’ll release over the next few days.” First up – Drag and Drop One-Shot Samples:

Source: factmag