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This video, via javd007, is described as an unbiased comparison between the classicRoland TR-909 and the new Roland TR-8.

There have been plenty of comparisons against the TR-808, but this is one of the first looking at the 909.

Here’s what he’s got to say about the comparison:

In this video I compare the Aira Tr-8 and the Tr-909. This is an unibased comparison. I am not being paid by any companies. I see too many comparison videos are poor and biased.

I am an analog purist and when I heard the new tr-8 was digital, frankly I was upset. But I bought it anyway. Anyway I must say Roland Nailed it. F***** A!

After playing it for a few days. I realized that I probably am never going to use my tr-808/909 again. May consider… selling the duo.(gasp) Still dont know. Anyway what are your thought? Maybe some of you can help me decide. Enjoy!

BTW I know my bald head is going to annoy some of you. If it does stop watching and go make some music.

Technical details:

AUDIO- Recorded at 16 bit 192. Compressed to mp3. Dry. Absolutely nothing in the chain. Volume matched as close as possible. Tuning was also matched as close as possible.

Check it out and let us know what you think: close, close but no cigar or does it really matter?