The original Netflix series, Stranger Things already has a special place among musicians and lovers of the futuristic aesthetics of the 80s.

His soundtrack penetrated the audience, thanks to his character and deepness; an example was many versions of producers and enthusiasts who risked to create the Stranger Things’s cool sound.

If you feel curious about the machines used in the main theme of the popular series, shows a video with details about all sound sources used in the creation of this soundtrack in its second season, that we can watch this year.

Stranger Things’ retro music was written by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, brains of  S U R V I V  E. They took advantage of a selection of classic and modern machines and synthesizers as well drum machines, to reach that classic sound like John Carpenter’s stuff.

In the video, S U R V I V E members explore four vintage synthesizers: Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Roland Juno-6, Korg Mono / Poly and the Roland TR-707 drum machine. Other than the well-known machines used by Dixon and Stein, include Moog Minimoog Model D, DigiTech Whammy II and Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man.

Here’s what the authors of the famous Stranger Things theme have to say.

Source: reverb

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