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The electronic music band S U R V I V E has almost a decade making music with analog synthesizers and drum machines creating interesting recordings, all completely dedicated to synthwave and sounds for independent films.

From their collaboration in the creation of the original Stranger Things‘s score, the quartet jumped to the fame enjoying a big critic recognition, by their distinctive sound.

This LP was presented in 2012 on Mannequin Records label, a solid work dedicated to ambient minimalist passages that reflect the multifaceted character of S U R V I V E embracing atmospheres of tension and melodies that drew the sound of The Guest (2014) movie. Now, the band will release a reissue titled HD015.

The 9-track album will be on Limited Edition versions: vinyl (Red & Black Edition / Clear & Black Edition), cassette, CD and Digital.

This release of 1,500 is out April 21st, 2017 through S U R V I V E ‘ s label Holodeck.

Listen demo below.


01. ‘Deserted Skies’
02. ‘Floating Cube’
03. ‘To Light Alone I Bow’
04. ‘Hourglass’
05. ‘Omniverse’
06. ‘Black Mollies’
07. ‘Scalar Wave’
08. ‘Shunting Yard’
09. ‘Dirge’

Source: bandcamp

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